About Vimax Extender

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Enlarge your penis size in a fast and effective way, without pain and surgery

There are many different low quality penis enlargement products that flood the market. This doesn’t mean that there are no effective products of high quality, but you should be aware of the many unsafe and unffective products. A lot of products, such as pumps, weight hangers and pills, claim that they can enlarge your penis over night but you have to keep in mind that no product can have positive results for just a few weeks. Do not trust companies that don’t offer any means of contact. Rely on companies that offer customer support.

about vimax extenderWhat makes Vimax Penis Extender different from the other penis enlargement products?

Vimax Extender uses the principle of traction which is used in the modern medicine. For example, traction is used by orthopedic docrots for stimulation of bone growth. Another usage of traction is in plastic surgery where it is used to cover skin defects or for expansion of tissues.

Vimax Extender is different from the other similar devices because it doesn’t force the penis to grow larger. Instead, our device uses only those penis areas that are known to maximize the enlargement. This is achieved through years of studies and development.

Many famous experts and professionals have approved Vimax Extender. In addition, many respected urologists recommend Vimax Extender to their patients.

How does Vimax Extender function?

When an erection occurs, the brain releases hormones whose responsibility is to send blood to the penis in order to fill the erectile tissues. Thus, corpora cavernosa is filled with the maximum possible blood and you have an erection. Actually, the size of the penis depends on the size of corpora cavernosa – the bigger corpora cavernosa is, the bigger the penis will be.

Vimax Extender is developed to increase your penis size by about vimax extenderapplying constant but gentle pressure on the shaft of the penis. The pressure causes the stretching of the penile tissues which results in narual multiplication of the cells in order to fill the stretched tissue. Thus, the penis will be enlarged both in length and in girth.

The reproduction of cells because of stretching allows increased blood flow through the penis and its enlargement. If the blood flow is increased, the spongy penile tissue will absorbed more blood and the penis will be bigger.

Vimas Extender will allow you to:
• make the penis enlargement process easier thanks to the constant traction that is applied to the penis
• add extra inches to your penis length and girth
• correct up to 75% of penis curvatures and deviations

As you have already seen fro yourself, Vimax Extender is the safest and the most effective penis enlargement device. This method is fast, painless and reliable.

You don’t have to be embarrassed by your penis anymore. How you can change your life with Vimax Extender.

Improve your sexual life with Vimax Extender and increase your confidence and self-esteem. Order Vimax Extender today and become a new man.

A new bigger penis and enahces sexual life will cost you just $99.95. We offer a miney back guarantee in case you are not satisfied which is very unlikely. You can also check the numerous positive feedbacks from our customers who have changed their lifes for better.