Clinical Tests

Vimax Extender has been developed by Dr. Mario Dumitrascu who is one of the most famous and respected urologists.

Vimax Extender is proven to work and is recognized as the most effective penis enlargement device.

More than 11 years Dr. Mario Dumitrascu has been helping his patients to increase their penis size and correct any curvatures. He has been recommending Vimax Extender to his patients and no one have ever compained that the device didn’t help him.

It is a common saying that size doesn’t matter but actually this is not true. For many men the size of their penis is extremely important. An undersized penis causes anxiety, nervousesness, lower self-esteem and confidence. However, Vimax Extender is here to help numerous men achieve their wishes and change their lifes.

Dr. Mario DumitrascuMany independent clinicts and medics have confirmed the positive results of Vimax Extender and many doctors prescripe the device to their patients who suffer from penis size troubles. Vimax Extender is an effective alternative to surgery.

Vimax Extender is also prescribed to patients with penis curvatures and deviations because medical researches have shown that the device is able to correct up to 75% of penile curvatures.

The main reason for the popularity and the success of Vimax Extender is that is has been developed by a trusty medical company that offers their customers the most effective solution of their problems.

Our goal is to let people know penis enlargement is possible and their probles will remain in the past. Many men believe that penis enlargement is possible only with penis surgery and we want to tell them than now penis enlargement is easier and more affordable.

Vimax Extender uses the principle of traction whith is known and used for centuries. We have conducted numerous researches to improve this antient principle and to provide you with the best possible results.

If the device is used properly according to the instructions, it will be effective and will help you achieve your goals. According to clinical researches, positive results have been achieved in more than 98% of the cases.

We are not like the other companies, because we offer you a product backed up with many clinical tests and studies. Vimax Extender is recommended for:
– increase of the penis size in length
– increase of the penis size in girth

Correction of Curvatures with Vimax Extender

If you worried that your penis is not straight or if it points in some direction, Vimax Penis Extender can help you deal with these problems.

Penis curvatures are not considered abnormal up to a certain degree. However, if you suffer from Peyronie’s disease, the problem should be solved quickly because otherwise it may cause serious troubles.

For quite a long time curvatures and deviations could be corrected only with surgical procedure. However, surgery is not always safe and may cause serious adverse effects. Now, surgery has an effective and safe alternative and this is Vimax Extender. The device is proven to corrent penis curvatures and deviations. In addition, many doctors recommend Vimax Extender for treatment of Peyronie’s disease.

Clinical researches about the effectiveness of Vimax Extender in correction of curvarures have shown the following results:
– correction of up tp 75% of penis curvatures and deviations
– reduced discomfort during sexual intercourse
– increase confidence

Vimax Extender will help you achieve a larger and thicker penis, as well as penis with no curvatures.